Assigned Risk: Files Open

Bureau assigned risk records "shall be open to any bureau member or its authorized representative.";

For employers in the assigned risk plan, the statute under IC 27-7-2-35 requires the bureau to "keep a record of all risks referred to members as carrying company, coming within the provisions of section 29 [IC 27-7-2-29] of this chapter, and this record shall be open to any bureau member or its authorized representative." Accordingly, our assigned risk files are open to bureau members and their agents, but not to the general public.

To carry out this responsibility, the Bureau at this time, has several ways to provide information about assigned risk employers.
  1. We have "New Risk Lists" available on our website ( for registered insurance company people and agents to access at no charge.
  2. NCCI has assigned risk expiration lists available on its website ( at no charge.
  3. You can call and obtain the current experience rating modification factor for a fee.
  4. You can request a copy of the experience rating worksheet for a fee.

We are currently not set up to copy information from employer files or have people visit our office to go through our files. Although we share some assigned risk employer information as explained above, there exists other information in employer files that have privacy issues we need to sort out. For instance, payroll information on 941 forms and ownership information are contained in our files that may be subject to recently enacted privacy laws. We desire to further research this matter before changing our procedures.

You can also use the letter of authority process if you desire to get information beyond the experience rating worksheet. You can ask an employer to send us a letter of authority that specifies what information he/she would like released to you.

The Indiana Code is available on the State of Indiana website at this address:

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