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Carrier Filings Report

Rate guide - a list of carrier advisory rate and loss cost filings

Beginning in June 2010, through an arrangement with 

S&P Global Market Intelligence (formerly SNL Insurance and a Perr & Knight report), the ICRB is posting a rate guide report that tracks carrier filings of rates, loss cost multipliers (LCMs), and class specific deviations that are submitted to the Indiana Department of Insurance (DOI).


Notes to the Report:

  • The list is updated quarterly.
  • The list tracks the top 100 carriers (not groups) by premium size as reported to the NAIC.
  • The list contains all filings received for the year as of the date of the report.
  • For easy reference, changes/additions from the previous month's report are highlighted in yellow.

Click on the date of the current report below to open the spreadsheet.



Current Report
Mar 31, 2019

 March 31, 2019

Background Notes:

The DOI retains two years of historical filings plus the current calendar year.


Beginning in 2006, the Indiana Department of Insurance arranged with Perr & Knight (now SNL Insurance) that all policy forms, rates and rules filed with the DOI are being scanned and made available to the public online. 


For additional data other than available here, and for a fee, anyone may view and download information at  www.ratefilings.com/. SNL Insurance may also be accessed at www.snl.com.


Note: The material in this document has been prepared and shared for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice or to develop policy premium quotations.

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